Saturday, September 16, 2017

Machine Tools & Digital Manufacturing S5 Notes

Machine Tools & Digital Manufacturing

Introduction to metal cutting: Tool nomenclature – Attributes of
each tool nomenclature – Attributes of feed and tool
nomenclature on surface roughness obtainable
Orthogonal and oblique cutting - Mechanism of metal removal –
Primary and secondary deformation shear zones 
Mechanism of chip formation – Types of chips, need and types of
chip breakers – Merchant’s theory 
Analysis of cutting forces in orthogonal cutting– Work done,
power required (simple problems) 
Friction forces in metal cutting – development of cutting tool
materials Thermal aspects of machining -Tool wear and wear mechanisms Factors affecting tool life– Economics of machining (simple problems),Cutting fluids.
General purpose machine tools – Principle and operation of lathe– Types of lathes and size specification 
Work holding parts of lathes and their functions – Main operations 
Taper turning and thread cutting – Attachments 
Feeding mechanisms, Apron mechanisms 
Drilling Machines – Types – Work holding devices 
Tool holding devices – Drill machine operations 
Drilling machine tools – Twist drill nomenclature- cutting forces in
ktu business economics hs200 note mod 6

ktu business economics hs200 note mod 6

KTU Machine tools textbook for reference - Fundamentals of modern manufacturing

KTU Textbook for Manufacturing Processes PDF

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