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Basics of Electronics Engineering Textbook for S1 & S2

Basics of Electronics Engineering S1 & S2

Basics of Electronics Engineering


Evolution and Impact of Electronics in industries and in society, Familiarization of Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors, Transformers and Electro mechanical components, PN Junction diode.

Structure, Principle of operation, Photo diode, LED, Solar cell, Bipolar Junction Transistors: Structure, Principle of operation, characteristics, Rectifiers and power supplies: Half wave and full wave rectifier, capacitor filter, zener voltage regulator, Amplifiers and Oscillators: common emitter amplifier, feedback, oscillators.

RC phase shift oscillator, Analogue Integrated circuits: operational amplifier, inverting and non inverting amplifier, comparator, Electronic Instrumentation: digital multimeter, digital storage oscilloscope, function generator.

Radio communication: principle of AM & FM, super heterodyne receiver, Radar system: Principle, block diagram of pulsed radar, Satellite communication: geo-stationary satellite, transponder.

Global Positioning System, Mobile communication: cellular communications, cells, GSM, Optical communication: system, principle of light transmission through fiber, Entertainment Electronics: Color television, cable TV, CCTV system, HDTV, LCD & LED displays. 

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