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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Metallurgy and Material Science Model Question Paper 2

Model Question Paper 2

Metallurgy and Material Science


1) What are Engineering Materials? Classify .
2) Explain the terms Slip and Twining.
3) What is Etching? What are the different methods of Etching?
4) What do you meant by Ductile to Brittle transition? Explain.
5) Define and differentiate Fatigue and Creep.
6) What is a solid solution? Briefly classify them.
7) What are CCT and TTT diagrams? Differentiate.
8) What is heat treatment? Explain how annealing differs from normalising.
9) What are Stainless steels and how they are different other steels?
10) What are smart materials?


11) What are crystal defects? Explain in detail with sketches.
12) What are Strengthening mechanisms? Explain the different types of mechanisms.
13) A) Explain Grtiffith Theory of brittle fracture.
B) Explain Hume Rothery’s rule.
C) Explain Gibb’s Phase rule.
14) A) What are invariant Phase reactions? Name the different types of phase reactions.
B) What are Isomorphous Systems? Explain Cu-Ni phase diagram with neat sketch.
15) With an Iron –Carbon equilibrium diagram explain the developments of different
microstructures and phases.
16) A) Define and Differentiate hardness and hardenability.
B) Differentiate austempering and martempering.
C) Explain with neat sketch Jominy end quench test.
17) What is alloying? What are the various elements used for steel alloying? Explain the
effect of them on steels.
18) A) What are composites? Classify.
B) Describe the various methods of fabrication of composites.
C) What are Nano materials? What are their advantages?

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