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Friday, January 13, 2017

DCMT Module 2 & 3 Complete Note for EEE S3

DCMT Module 2 & 3 Complete Note for EEE S3 

DC GENERATOR-Principle of operation
D.C generator is a machine that converts mechanical
energy into DC electrical energy. Generator is based on the
principle that whenever a magnetic flux is cut by a moving
conductor a dynamic emf is induced in the conductor, as per
Faraday’s laws of electromagnetic induction. The emf so
induced is an alternating emf. It is made unidirectional with the
help of commutator and brushes. This emf causes flow of current
in the external circuit if the circuit is closed. The direction of this
induced emf is given by Fleming’s right hand rule. According
to this rule, if the middle finger, forefinger and thumb of right
hand are at right angle to each other and if the forefinger
represent the direction of magnetic field and the direction of
motion respectively, then the middle finger will indicate the
direction of the induced emf.

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