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Introduction to Computing and Problem Solving-MODULE 1

Introduction to Computing and Problem Solving-MODULE 1

KTU Computer Science and Engineering Fist Semester Core Subject Introduction to Computing and Problem Solving BE101-05 First module full note pdf with Input and Output Devices,Memory pdf Preview and Download Button are given below.

Module 1 Syllabus

Introduction to digital computer – Von Neumann concept – A simple model of computer, acquisition of data, storage of data, processing of data, output of processed data. Details of functional units of a computer. Storage – primary storage and secondary storage.
(The discussion should focus more on the functionalities of the units and their interaction than on specific hardware details. However, concepts like memory cells and their addressability (need not be binary), registers, interconnections (buses) have to introduced at an abstract level. For storage devices – primary and secondary –, various categories have to be introduced along with their distinguishing features. For I-O devices also, various categories are to be introduced.  The Von Neumann concept should be effectively introduced. History computers need not be taught. However, students have to be encouraged to read the relevant sections of the text book. Chapters 1 – 4 of ‘Goel’ may be used to support teaching -learning.)
Introduction to programming languages:- types of programming languages  - high level language , assembly language and machine language, System software - Operating systems – objectives of operating systems, compiler, assembler and interpreter.
 (For all the above topics, focus should be more on the concepts, significance and objectives. Chapter 6 and 7 (up to 7.4) of ‘Goel’ may be used to support the teaching-learning process.)

Download Input and Output Devices pdf

Download Memory pdf

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