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Module 1

1. What is the significance and limitations of 1st law of thermodynamics?

2. What are the limitations of thermodynamics?

3. Explain some future sources of power.

4. Why Carnot engine is being said ‘practically impossible’?

5. What is available energy and irreversibility?

6. What is Clausius inequality?

7. List any one practical application of Zeroth, 1st and 2nd law of thermodynamics.

8. What is mean by Entropy? Explain the principles of increase of entropy.

Module 2

1. List the differences between 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines.

2. List the differences between petrol and diesel engines

3. Explain Turbo machinery.

4. Compare Impulse & Reaction steam turbines.

5. List the differences between Open & Closed cycle gas turbines.

6. Explain the working of Kaplan turbine with a neat sketch.

7. What is Roots blower?

8. What is mean by Compression Ratio and Cut-off ratio?

9. Explain different Chemical Rockets.

10.List any 4 satellites launched by India, their launch year, and its application.

11.What will happen if petrol is filled in a diesel car?

12.What will happen if diesel is filled in a petrol car?

13.You have opened the bonnet of a car. How will you determine whether the engine is petrol or diesel?

14.Why steam engines are not used these days?

15.Explain the principle of Rocket propulsion.

Module 3

1. Explain the working of Split air conditioner with a neat sketch.

2. Explain Summer air conditioning with a figure.

3. Explain Winter air conditioning with a figure.

4. What is mean by Refrigerating effect, COP & 1 ton of refrigeration?

5. What are the properties of an ideal refrigerant?

6. Compare Vapour compression and vapour absorption refrigeration system.

7. What is mean by Psychrometry? Explain Psychrometric processes.

8. List the applications of refrigeration in Food preservation, refrigerated storage,

chemical and process industries.

9. What is mean by energy efficiency rating of a refrigerator?

Module 4

1. List the classification of automobiles.

2. List some Indian automobile manufacturers with their vehicle models.

3. What is the function of clutch and differential in an automobile?

4. What is ABS?

5. What are the advantages and limitations of rear wheel drive?

6. What is mean by Aerodynamics and aerodynamic forces?

7. What are the different forces acting on an aircraft? Show the direction of these forces.

8. With the help of a figure, explain the working of Turbofan engine.

9. With the help of a figure, explain the working of Ramjet engine.

Module 5

1. List the properties of ceramics.

2. What is mean by an alloy?

3. Give some practical examples for composites.

4. Explain Crystalline and amorphous materials.

Module 6

1. List the advantages and limitations of Casting process

2. Explain different properties of moulding sand.

3. List the advantages and limitations of forging process.

4. What is open die and closed die forging?

5. Explain different grinding operations.

6. Draw the figure of a lathe and mark the parts. Give brief description about each part.

7. What are the differences between Soldering and Brazing?

8. What are the advantages and limitations of Arc Welding?

9. What are the advantages and limitations of Gas welding?

10.Explain different types of flames used in gas welding.

11. What is the purpose of flux coating in arc welding?

12. Explain different types of electrodes used in Arc welding.

13. Explain different welding defects.

14. Explain different shaping operations.

15.Explain different types of resistance welding processes with neat sketches.

16.What is mean by forming process?

17.Explain different pattern allowances.

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