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Monday, January 9, 2017

KTU Fluid Mechanics CE203 Model Question Paper-Set1

KTU Fluid Mechanics CE203 Model Question Paper-Set1

Fluid Mechanics CE203 

                                         Model Question Paper (Set1)


(Answer any 2 questions out of 3 questions – 15 Mark each)

I) a. A square door whose dimension is 4m × 4m is provided on the vertical side of a water tank.

What forces must be applied at the lower end of the gate so as to hold the hinged door closed? 

The hinged end which is at the top of door lies at a depth of 4m from free surface of water. Also find the position of center of pressure. [8 Marks]

b. Explain the different types of fluid flow. [7 Marks]

II) a. A solid cylinder of 4m diameter has a height of 3 m when it is floating in water with its axis vertical. 

The specific gravity of cylinder is 0.6. State whether it is in stable or unstable equilibrium. [7 Marks]

b. The velocity potential for a two dimensional flow is. Determine the velocity at the point P (4, 5). 

Also obtain the values of stream function at this point P.

[8 Marks]

III) a. Differentiate between

1) Absolute pressure and gauge pressure

2) Simple manometer and differential manometer. [8 Marks]

b. Find the convective acceleration at the middle of a pipe which converges uniformly from 40 cm to 20 cm over a length of 2m. 

The rate of flow is 20 l/sec. If the rate of flow changes uniformly from 20 l/sec to 30 l/sec in 30sec, find the total acceleration at the middle of the pipe at 15 th second. 

[7 Marks]


(Answer any 2 questions out of 3 questions – 15 Mark each)

IV) a. Derive Bernoulli’s energy equation from principle and state the assumptions made in the derivation. [7 Marks]

b. A circular tank of diameter 4 m contains water upto a height of 5 m. 

The tank is provided with an orifice of diameter 0.5 m at the bottom. 
Find the time taken by water (i) to fall from 5 m to 2 m (ii) for completely emptying to tank. Take Cd as 0.6. [8 Marks]

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