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Minor in Entrepreneurship

Minor in Entrepreneurship

KTU is offering a Minor in Entrepreneurship for students interested in entrepreneurial activities. Interested students of Semester 4 can opt for this by earning additional 12 credits through 3 or 4 courses. The courses are offered by five government approved and KTU empanelled Technology Business Incubators (TBIs) in Kerala. On successful completion KTU will give the Certificate for the Minor together with the B.Tech degree Certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is a Minor?

An academic minor is an additional area of specialization a student has opted for during his undergraduate studies.
  • What is Minor in Entrepreneurship?

KTU is offering Minor in Entrepreneurship for the students of KTU, who are interested in entrepreneurial activities. The Minor programme is a course/project based credit programme. Students should earn additional 12 credits for this Minor. These credits are distributed under 3 or 4 course modules. Students can use free time, holidays or vacations to complete the program in 5 semesters. There is also the provision to take one year off for this, during the B.Tech program as given in the ordinances. However the Minor will be awarded only when the B.Tech program is completed successfully.
  • Who offers this Minor?

KTU has empanelled five Govt. approved TBIs for conducting Minor in Entrepreneurship. They are

⇢Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology - Bio Medical and Medical devices incubation (SCTIMST-TIMed),
⇢College of Engineering Trivandrum Technology Business Incubator, (CET TBI),
⇢Technolodge Kannur,
⇢Amal Jyothi Technology Business Incubator TBI and
⇢Startup Village, Kochi.

  • What are the courses for the Minor?

The courses are mainly project based courses with theoretical inputs in the areas of ideation, product design & development, prototyping, marketing, finance etc. TBIs depending on their product speciality will formulate and offer these courses.
  • How can you choose the TBI?

Students can choose any TBI according to their interest. All TBIs will provide the details of the courses in their brochure / webpage. These links will be provided soon.
  • How can you apply for the Minor?

A student, who has PASSED IN ALL COURSES till the third semester, can apply for the Minor. Interested students seeking admission have to attend a free MOOC course to understand the preliminary lessons in student startup. This could help the students in their self assessment for the programme as well as in their admission process. One can select any online course for this from the

➤➤ http://www.startupindia.gov.in/learning-development/
➤➤ https://www.edx.org/course/becoming-entrepreneur-mitx-launch-x-1 
        (Requires non verified and free certificate only)

  • How are the students selected for the Minor?

The selection of students could be either as an individual or as a small group for a specific startup initiative. Each TBI can choose specific or common strategy for admitting students for Minor in Entrepreneurship. TBIs will also decide on the number of students to be admitted.
  • Whether the students can apply for different TBIs?

Interested students should apply only to one specific TBI catering to their entrepreneurial interest. They can apply directly to a specific TBI as detailed in their e-brochure. But, selection will be based on an assessment by the TBI and based on the availability of seats.
  • How many seats are available in each TBI?

The availability of seats is different in each TBI. The details will be provided in their brochures. The brochure of each TBI will be released soon.
  • When the courses are going to start?

The call for Minor in Entrepreneurship will be by the end of third semester/beginning of 4th Semester and the course will continue till the end of seventh semester. The startup outcome may be converted to final project, if the outcome is viable and feasible. Additionally, a student can also complete the Minor by taking one year break as given in the ordinance. The date of starting the course will be announced after publishing S3 results.
  • Who is awarding the degree?

The Minor degree will be awarded by KTU, for students who have successfully completed the programme and the specified outcome based final evaluation.Those students, who have not successfully completed the Minor, will be provided with certificates by the TBI for the courses completed.
  • How the Minor is offered?

KTU will act as a facilitator for the Minor in Entrepreneurship and the TBIs will  formulate, plan and execute the program with the approval of KTU. All the  processes including selection, mentoring, fee structure, scholarship, evaluation procedure, IPR policy etc will be specified by the corresponding TBIs. The selection, mentoring, assessing and evaluation of the students will be done by corresponding TBIs. The final evaluation for the Minor will be done jointly by the TBI and KTU.
  • How is the course delivered?

Based on their speciality, TBI can decide on the nature of course delivery (direct/ online). This could be during free time available such as holidays and vacation period over the next 4 semesters. It is also possible to finish this Minor by taking a one year break as given in KTU B.Tech ordinance.
  • How can you get more information about the courses?

The framework of the course and its specifications is charted out and will be soon displayed in the TBI brochure. 

  • What about the fees for the Minor?

The fee structure will be specified by each TBI for an individual or for a team.The mentorship period will also be specified. The TBIs may consider options for scholarship for meritorious / deserving students.
  • 16. If you develop something new at TBI, can you have the patent?

An IPR policy will be clearly floated by each approved TBI.
  • 17. Can students change the TBI in later stage?

There will be a transfer facility for a student, who has enrolled in one TBI, to another TBI, in case of winding up of the TBI. The TBI will enter into a MoU with the University to ensure that the programme is sustained without any setbacks.

For more Details :: Download Brochure

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