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MA202 Probability Distributions,Transforms and Numerical Methods S4 Syllabus

MA202 Probability Distributions,Transforms and Numerical Methods S4 Syllabus

Course Objectives

*To introduce the concept of random variables, probability distributions, specific discrete and continuous distributions with practical application in various Engineering and social life situations.
*To know Laplace and Fourier transforms which has wide application in all Engineering courses.
*To enable the students to solve various engineering problems using numerical methods.


Discrete random variables and Discrete Probability Distribution. Continuous Random variables and Continuous Probability Distribution. Fourier transforms. Laplace Transforms. Numerical methods-solution of Algebraic and transcendental Equations, Interpolation. Numerical solution of system of Equations. Numerical Integration, Numerical solution of ordinary differential equation of First order.

Text Books: 

1. Miller and Freund’s “Probability and statistics for Engineers”-Pearson-Eighth Edition. 
2. Erwin Kreyszig, “Advanced Engineering Mathematics”, 10th edition, Wiley, 2015.


1. V. Sundarapandian, “Probability, Statistics and Queuing theory”, PHI Learning, 2009. 
2. C. Ray Wylie and Louis C. Barrett, “Advanced Engineering Mathematics”-Sixth Edition. 
3. Jay L. Devore, “Probability and Statistics for Engineering and Science”-Eight Edition. 
4. Steven C. Chapra and Raymond P. Canale, “Numerical Methods for Engineers”-Sixth Edition-Mc Graw Hill.

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