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Saturday, April 1, 2017

KTU S4 Model Question Papers CS204 Operation Systems Module 1

KTU S4 Model Question Papers CS204 Operation Systems 

Module 1

1. It is better for programs and data to reside in main memory. But this arrangement is usually not possible. Why?

2. What is the significance of cache in a system?

3. How DMA controller supports processor?

4. How solid state disks differ from flash memory?

5. Compare various storage systems in their aspects like speed, cost, size and volatility.

6. What is system daemon or system process? Give example.

7. What is firmware?

8. Differentiate kernel, system programs, and application programs?

9. What is middleware? Give example.

10. Differentiate asymmetric and symmetric multiprocessors.

11. Differentiate multiprocessor systems and multicore systems.

12. Multicore systems are better than multiprocessor systems. Justify?

13. Differentiate symmetric clustering and asymmetric clustering.

14. Explain the role of DLM in cluster technology.

15. Differentiate multiprogramming and multi-tasking

16. Differentiate network OS and Distributed OS.

17. Explain the role of Emulator in computer environment.

18. What is the role of run time support library?

19. Describe three general methods for passing parameters to the operating system.

20. Mention the significance of hash function and map in OS as a kernel data structure.

21. What are shells? Give examples.

22. What is the purpose of system calls?

23. Why is the separation of mechanism and policy desirable?

24. What is the main advantage of the layered approach to system design? What are the disadvantages of the layered approach?

25. What is the main advantage of the microkernel approach to system design? How do user programs and system services interact in microkernel architecture? 

What are the disadvantages of using the microkernel approach?

26. What are the advantages of using loadable kernel modules?

27. What is the purpose of system programs?

28. How could a system be designed to allow a choice of operating systems from which to boot? What would the bootstrap program need to do?

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