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Saturday, April 1, 2017

KTU S4 Model Question Papers CS204 Operation Systems Module 2

KTU S4 Model Question Papers CS204 Operation Systems Module 2

Module 2

1. Give process state diagram.

2. What is PCB?

3. Differentiate long term and short term schedulers.

4. What is the use of medium term scheduler?

5. Why it is necessary to have a good mix of I/O bound and CPU bound process? Explain.

6. Differentiate between process and thread.

7. Draw queuing diagram which represents process scheduling.

8. How fork () and exec () system calls differ from each other.

9. What is the role of wait () system call on the parent process?

10. Give details of process creation and process termination.

11. What do you meant by zombie process and orphan process?

12. Explain the role of the init process on UNIX and Linux systems in regard to process termination.

13. Compare Shared memory and message passing techniques for IPC.

14. Explain pipe which is used for IPC.

15. What are the types of buffering used for message passing system?

16. What is context switching? What are all the factors affecting context switching time?

17. Why exec () system call usually used with fork ()?

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