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Thursday, May 18, 2017

KTU B.Tech S4 Model Questions Fluid Mechanics-II

KTU B.Tech S4 model Questions for FLUID MECHANICS II


 May/June 2017


Time: 3 Hrs                                                                                    Marks: 100


( Answer any two )

  1. a) Distinguish between a Kaplan and a Propeller turbine. (5 Marks)

          b) Define specific speed of a centrifugal pump ? Derive the formula.(10 Marks)

  1. a) What is meant by priming in centrifugal pumps ?(5Marks)

          b)Why a Pelton Wheel is suitable for high heads only ? (10 Marks)

    3. a) A Pelton Wheel is required to develop 6 MW when working under a head of 300 m. It rotates with a speed of  550 rpm. Assuming jet ratio as 10 and overall efficiency as 85%, find

              i) Diameter of wheel

             ii) Quantity of water required and

             iii) Number of jets. Assume suitable values for the velocity coefficient and the speed ratio(10 Marks)

         b)How does power output and torque on the shaft of a Pelton Wheel vary with bucket speer ?(5 Marks)


(Answer any two)

  4        a)Derive from first principles, Chezy’s formula for loss of head due to friction in a pipe. (10 Marks)

             b) Compare open channel flow and pipe flow .(5 Marks)

 5.        a) A trapezoidal channel has side slopes of 3 horizontal to 4 vertical and the slope of its bed is 1 in 2000.                        Determine the optimum dimensions ( or most economical dimensions) of the channel, if it is to carry water                  at 0.5m3/s. Take chezy’s constants as 80.(5 Marks)

            b) Derive the conditions for maximum velocity through circular channels.(5 Marks)

             c) Write down the fundamental equations for uniform flow computations.(5 Marks)

  1. a)Explain uses of hydraulic jump(5 Marks)

           b) Write a short note on Specific energy & Specific force(5 Marks)

           c) Define

                           i) critical depth

                           ii) Section factor for critical flow.


(Answer any One two)

     7    a) Explain the characteristics of surface profiles in prismatic   (10 Marks)

           b)Explain gradually varied flow dynamic equation (10 Marks)

    8     a) Explain Rayleigh method (10 Marks)

            b) Explain Reynold’s and Froude model laws (10 Marks)

    9     a) Explain the Concepts of distorted and undistorted models(10 Marks)

           b)Explain Buckingham method(10 Marks)

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