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Saturday, May 27, 2017



1. Explain the declaration of array variable in Java. What is dynamic initialization? Give examples.

2. What is meant by polymorphism? Briefly explain the types of polymorphism.

3. Write a note on the access control keywords in Java.

4. a) Explain object orientation concepts briefly.

b) Explain overloading in Java, with example.

5. a) List the graphical diagrams defined by UML and illustrate with examples.

b) Explain parameter passing in Java, with suitable examples.

6. a) Describe the use of constructor in Java, with suitable examples.

b) Describe the looping control statements in Java, with examples.


7. Describe the use of abstract class in Java.

8. Define object and class.

9. Explain access control keywords

10.Write a note on stream related classes.

11. What is thread synchronization?

12. a) Explain how multiple threads are created in a program, with example.

b) Write a Java program that accepts N integers through console and sort them in ascending order.

13. a) Explain exception handling mechanism, with suitable examples.

b) Write a Java program that counts the number of words in a text file.

14. a) What is dynamic method despatch? Give examples.

b) Write a program to create a package named mypack, containing a class RightTriangle in which a static method check whether three given sides of a triangle forms a right-angled triangle and returns that information. Import this package in another class.


15. a) Explain delegation event model.

b) Explain how dynamic queries are executed in Java?

16. a) Define swing. What are the advantages of swing over AWT components?

b) Explain type of statements in Java. Give examples.

17. a) Describe the architecture of applet.

b) Explain the steps in connecting java program to database, with example.

18. a) List any five methods of String class, give examples.

b) Write an applet that simulates a desk calculator, using AWT controls and event handling. It accepts two numbers from the user and performs computation(+, -, *, /) based on the choice and displays the result.

19. a) Write an applet which displays the x-y coordinates of mouse, when it is clicked. Use event handling mechanism.

b) Explain the use of graphics class in Java.

20. a) How parameters are passed to an applet?

b) A table named Student exists with fields name, roll-no and marks for 3 subjects (mark1, mark2, mark3). 

Write a Java program to prepare a rank list (name, roll-no) of the students based on total marks and displays the same.

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