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Applied Electromagnetic Theory ECE S5 TEXTBOOK

Applied Electromagnetic Theory

Text Books: 
1. Mathew N O Sadiku, Elements of Electromagnetics, Oxford University Press, 6/e, 2014. 
2. William, H., Jf Hayt, and John A. Buck. Engineering Electromagnetics. McGraw-Hill, 8/e McGraw-Hill, 2014.
3. John D. Kraus, Electromagnetics, 5/e, TMH, 2010. 

1. Joseph A Edminister , Electromagnetics, Schaum‘s Outline Series McGraw Hill, 4/e, 1995
 2. Nannapaneni Narayana Rao, Elements of Engineering Electromagnetics, Pearson, 6/e, 2006.
 3. Umran S. Inan and Aziz S. Inan, Engineering Electromagnetics, Pearson, 2010.
 4. Martin A Plonus , Applied Electromagnetics, McGraw Hill, 2/e,1978. 
5. Jordan and Balmain , Electromagnetic waves and Radiating Systems, PHI, 2/e,2013 
6. Matthew N.O. Sadiku & S.V. Kulkarni "‘Principles of Electromagnetics’, Oxford University Press Inc. Sixth Edition, Asian Edition,2015 

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