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Digital Signal Processing S5 ECE Textbook

Digital Signal Processing S5 ECE TEXBOOK

Text Books:
1. Oppenheim A. V., Schafer R. W. and Buck J. R., Discrete Time Signal Processing, 3/e, Prentice
Hall, 2007.
2. Proakis J. G. and Manolakis D. G., Digital Signal Processing, 4/e, Pearson Education, 2007.

1. Lyons, Richard G., Understanding Digital Signal Processing, 3/e. Pearson Education India, 2004.
2. Ifeachor E.C. and Jervis B. W., Digital Signal Processing: A Practical Approach, 2/e, Pearson
Education, 2009.
3. Mitra S. K., Digital Signal Processing: A Computer Based Approach, 4/e McGraw Hill (India), 2014.
4. Salivahanan, Digital Signal Processing,3e, Mc Graw –Hill Education New Delhi, 2014 (Smart book)
5. Chassaing, Rulph., DSP applications using C and the TMS320C6x DSK. Vol. 13. John Wiley & Sons,
6. NagoorKani, Digital Signal Processing, 2e, Mc Graw –Hill Education New Delhi, 2013
7. Singh A., Srinivasan S., Digital Signal Processing: Implementation Using DSP Microprocessors, Cenage Learning, 2012.

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