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Functional Design of Buildings S5 Civil Module 1&2 Notes

Functional Design of Buildings
Acoustics : Physics of sound – frequency, intensity, dB
scale – measurement – airborne and structure borne
propagation – effect of noise on man -Behavior of sound in
free field and enclosures
Sabine‟s formula – design criteria for spaces – acoustical
defects Sound insulation and reverberation
control – typical situation like offices, flats, auditorium and
factories – acoustic materials – properties – types and
Types of visual tasks – illumination requirements for
various buildings –principles of day lighting – day light
factor – sky component – internal reflected component –
external reflected component-evaluation of lighting by windows
Artificial lighting –measurement – lux meter – lamps and
luminaries – polar distribution curves– glare Design of
artificial lighting – lumen method – point by point method

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