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KTU sustainable Engineering Textbook S1

KTU sustainable Engineering Reference Textbook Twidells Renewable Energy Resources


1.    Mackenthun, K.M., Basic Concepts in Environmental Management, Lewis Publication, London,

2.    Introduction to Environmental Engineering: special indian edition,Mackenzie Davis, David Cornwell, Amazon.com

3.    Anil  Markandya,  Climate  Change  and  Sustainable  Development:  Prospects  for  Developing Countries, Routledge
4.    EIA Guidelines, Notification of Govt of India, Environment Impact Assessment, 2006
5. Text book for Environmental studies, Erach Bharucha, UGC, NewDelhi, ebook, collegesat.du.ac.in/UG/Environmental%20Studies_ebook.pdf
6.    Garg HP, J Prakash, Solar Energy: Fundamentals and Applications, Tata McGraw Hill
7.    Renewable Sources of Energy and Conversion Systems: N.K.Bansal and M.K.Kleeman.
8.    ECBC  Code  2007,  Bureau  of  Energy Efficiency,  New  Delhi  Bureau  of  Energy Efficiency Publications-Rating System, TERI PUBLICATIONS – GRIHA Rating System, LEEDS Publications
9.    Systems Analysis for Sustainable Engineering: Theory and Applications, Ni bin Chang, Amazon.com
10.  John W Twidell and Anthony D Weir, Renewable Energy Resources, English Language Book Society (ELBS) 1996.
11.  D  P  Kothari,  K  C  Singal,  Rakesh  Ranjan,  Renewable  Energy  Sources  and  Emerging Technologies, Prentice Hall of India
12.  S.S Purohit , Green Technology-An approach for sustainable environment, Agrobios publication
13.  Mihelcic, J. R. and Zimmerman, J. B., Environmental Engineering, Wiley Publishers.
14.  Brennen, D. Sustainable Process Engineering, Pan Stanford Publishers.

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