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Optimization Techniques ECE S5 TEXTBOOK

Optimization Techniques

Text Books:
1. Singiresu S Rao, “Engineering optimization Theory and Practice”, New Age
International, 2009
2. H.A. Taha, “ Operations Research”, 5/e, Macmillan Publishing Company, 1992.
3. Kalynamoy Deb. “Optimization for Engineering Design‐ Algorithms and Examples”, Prentice‐Hall
of India Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi

1. Hadley, G. “Linear programming”, Narosa Publishing House, New Delhi
2. Ashok D Belegundu, Tirupathi R Chandrupatla, “Optimization concepts and Application in
Engineering”, Pearson Education.
3. Kanti Swarup, P.K.Gupta and Man Mohan, Operations Research, Sultan Chand and Sons
4. J. S. Arora, Introduction to Optimum Design, McGraw-Hill Book Company.
5. A. Ravindran, D. T. Phillips, J. J. Solberg, Operations Research – Principles and Practice, John
Wiley and Sons.

6. Papalambros & Wilde, Principles of Optimal Design, Cambridge University Press, 2008

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