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Technical event in Mar Baselios college Nalanchira(Crossroads 2018)

To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of Junk
CROSSROADS 2k18Invites creative and a crazy minds to innovate from void._
Freeido – Weirdo
With freedom to outspeak, indulge your mind and squeeze out the vibe.
# Unbound Rules #😜
✓[ Qualifier round ]
An objective test for the  groups.✔✔✔
✓[Semi finals]
Here the groups will be provided with materials with which you will have to build an innovative productπŸ’‘ in a limited time period.⏳
✓[ Finals ]
Build a working model🀞🀞 (materials will be provided).🀩
And a presentation based on the task provided on the semi-finals.πŸ—£πŸŽ™
πŸ’₯The judgment is based on the models build on semi-finals & finals, and the presentation conducted.πŸ’₯
# Mandatory Rules #πŸ€”
🏁A team of maximum 5 members.
🏁Cross college teams are allowed.
🏁Teams will have to report at least 15 minutes before the time slot allotted.
🏁No electronic gadgets are permitted.
🏁Teams are not allowed to bring any external materials to the event.
🏁ID card is a must.

Registration fee*πŸ’Έ: 400 per group

Date πŸ—“: March 5th

  1st price  : 5k
  2nd price : 2k

Registration linkπŸ”: https://goo.gl/KmTsvR

ContactπŸ“²:-   Shone - 9946590047
   Anooj  - 9495902566
Get ready to invent prank😜
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