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Street Theatre Street play competition @CET

Rise up with that burning eyes.

The spirit and essence of  art and revolution being sowed to the mob, nurtured by thought and reaped by action, is what the world expects from the laddish youth with a fire in heart. Nothing other than Street Plays does that job for yoof. On this Dhwani , we ,at College of Engineering, Trivandrum are looking for that fire to lit the minds to awake, realise and stand up against odds as part of the theatrical fest Dionysia in association with Dhwani 18. So if you have any spark within, start writing the 'act', planning the 'word' and scream it out to the world. Let your stand get  echoed in Dhwani

Street Theatre

Street play competition
17 March 2018
Registration fee   ₹ 350
Prize money       ₹ 15000

Mail the script at crperumal7@gmail.com


1. The team may consist of a minimum of 7 members and a maximum of 12 members. 
2. Teams will have to perform in an open venue with audience on all sides.
3. Time limit: 30 minutes - empty to empty
4. The play should have a theme and should convey a social message.
5. Plagiarism of any existing scripts in any media may lead to disqualification.
6. Medium for narration and dialogue: Malayalam, Tamil and English.
7. Only Percussion instruments are allowed for accompaniment. All dialogues must be done verbally during the performance.
8. Teams will have to bring the props needed for the play. The only prop provided will be an elevated platform.
9. The script for the performance should be submitted before 11: 59 pm, 14th of March 2018.
10.Vulgarity and obscenity will lead to disqualification.
11.Judging criteria will be based on theme, performance, script etc. The winner will be awarded a prize money of 15k.

Register yourself at

For more details, contact

Rohit Perumal C.            9497336856
Abhijith Neil Abraham   9544196274
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