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Saturday, June 2, 2018

KTU Online App Published

We provide you with Updated news, syllabus, curriculum, Announcements, Notification,Syllabus oriented materials and notes,Ordinance etc.. for B-tech courses under the university.

Salient Features

 Syllabus oriented notes and materials.

 Ads free experience

★ Easy to access and use.

★ Initially full-swing access for the core branches:

▶ Civil Engineering, 

▶ Computer Science Engineering, 

▶ Electrical Engineering, 

▶ Electronics Engineering,

▶ Information Technology, 

▶ Mechanical Engineering.

★ Instant notification.

★ Aesthetic Appearance for stress free usage.

★ User-friendly interface for increased user experience and viability.

★ Enhanced layout for ease of access.

★ One Tap sharing of different contents.

★ Instant connection with official Ktu website and Ktuonline website.

★ Endorsing professionalism culture to all users.

★ Include SGPA and CGPA calculator. 

★ Introduced student corner for more productivity.

★ Updated notification system to eliminate chance of missing.

★ Instant contact options.

★ KTU Book Store.

★ KTU E-Gov LogIn Portal.

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