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KTU B.Tech S7 Lecture notes Computer Graphics

KTU B.Tech S7 Lecture notes Computer Graphics

Basic concepts in Computer Graphics – Types of Graphic
Devices – Interactive Graphic inputs – Raster Scan and Random
Scan Displays.

Line Drawing Algorithm- DDA, Bresenham’s algorithm – Circle
Generation Algorithms –Mid point circle algorithm, Bresenham’s
algorithm- Scan Conversion-frame buffers – solid area scan
conversion – polygon filling algorithms

Two dimensional transformations. Homogeneous coordinate systems – matrix formulation and concatenation of transformations. Windowing concepts –Window to Viewport Transformation- Two dimensional clipping-Line clipping – Cohen Sutherland, Midpoint Subdivision algorithm.Module 3

Polygon clipping-Sutherland Hodgeman algorithm, Weiler- Atherton algorithm, Three dimensional object representation- Polygon surfaces, Quadric surfaces – Basic 3D transformations.

Projections – Parallel and perspective projections – vanishing points. Visible surface detection methods– Back face removal- Z-Buffer algorithm, A-buffer algorithm, Depth-sorting method, Scan line algorithm.

Image processing – Introduction - Fundamental steps in image processing – digital image representations – relationship between pixels – gray level histogram –spatial convolution and correlation – edge detection – Robert, Prewitt, Sobel.

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