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Sunday, September 30, 2018

KTU B.Tech S7 Lecture notes Cryptography and Network Security

KTU B.Tech S7 Lecture notes Cryptography and Network Security

Symmetric Cipher Models- Substitution techniques- Transposition
techniques- Rotor machines-Steganography. Simplified DES- Block Cipher principles- The Data Encryption Standard, Strength of DES-Differential and linear Cryptanalysis. Block Cipher Design
principles- Block Cipher modes of operations.

IDEA: Primitive operations- Key expansions- One round, Odd
round, Even Round- Inverse keys for decryption. AES: Basic
Structure- Primitive operation- Inverse Cipher- Key Expansion,
Rounds, Inverse Rounds. Stream Cipher –RC4.

Public key Cryptography: - Principles of Public key Cryptography Systems, Number theory- Fundamental Theorem of arithmetic, Fermat’s Theorem, Euler’s Theorem, Euler’s Totient Function, Extended Euclid’s Algorithm, Modular arithmetic. RSA algorithm- Key Management - Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange, Elliptic curve cryptography.

Authentication requirements- Authentication functions- Message authentication codes- Hash functions- SHA -1, MD5, Security of Hash functions and MACs- Authentication protocols-Digital signatures-Digital signature standards.

Network security: Electronic Mail Security: Pretty good privacy- S/MIME. IP Security: Architecture- authentication Header- Encapsulating Security payload- Combining Security associations- Key management.

Web Security: Web Security considerations- secure Socket Layer and Transport layer Security- Secure electronic transaction. Firewalls-Packet filters- Application Level Gateway- Encrypted tunnels.

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