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KTU B.Tech S7 Lecture notes Programming Paradigms

KTU B.Tech S7 Lecture notes Programming Paradigms

Names, Scopes and Bindings:- Names and Scopes, Binding Time,
Scope Rules, Storage Management, Binding of Referencing
Control Flow: - Expression Evaluation, Structured and
Unstructured Flow, Sequencing, Selection, Iteration, Recursion,

Data Types:-Type Systems, Type Checking, Records and Variants,
Arrays, Strings, Sets, Pointers and Recursive Types, Lists, Files
and Input/Output, Equality Testing and Assignment.

Subroutines and Control Abstraction: - Static and Dynamic Links, Calling Sequences, Parameter Passing, Generic Subroutines and Modules, Exception Handling, Co-routines.

Functional and Logic Languages:- Lambda Calculus, Overview of Scheme, Strictness and Lazy Evaluation, Streams and Monads, Higher-Order Functions, Logic Programming in Prolog, Limitations of Logic Programming.

Data Abstraction and Object Orientation:-Encapsulation, Inheritance, Constructors and Destructors, Aliasing, Overloading, Polymorphism, Dynamic Method Binding, Multiple Inheritance. Innovative features of Scripting Languages:-Scoping rules, String and Pattern Manipulation, Data Types, Object Orientation.

Concurrency:- Threads, Synchronization. Run-time program Management:- Virtual Machines, Late Binding of Machine Code, Reflection, Symbolic Debugging, Performance Analysis.

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