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Friday, October 5, 2018

KTU B.Tech S7 Lecture Notes Transportation Engineering -II

KTU B.Tech S7 Lecture Notes Transportation Engineering -II

Introduction to Railways in India: Role of Indian Railways in National Development – Railways for Urban Transportation – Modern developments- LRT & MRTS, tube railways, high speed tracks.Alignment- basic requirements and factors affecting selection, Component parts of a railway track - requirements and functions - Typical cross-section

Permanent Way: Components and their Functions: Rails - Types of Rails, Rail Fastenings, Concept of Gauges, Coning of Wheels, Creeps and kinks .Sleepers – Functions, Materials, Density , Ballast less Tracks.Geometric design of railway track: Horizontal curves, radius – super elevation -cant deficiency - transition curves - gradients - different types -Compensation of gradients.

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