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Blockchain workshop @ College of Engineering Trivandrum

Hey geeks,
Want to master new tech buzzwords?

How about   Blockchain -the undeniable ingenious invention 
As Drishti , the annual Techfest of College of Engineering, Trivandrum is beckoning us with its wide opportunities , we proudly present before you Dcod 3.0
We,the Department of Computer Application has come up with a workshop on BLOCKCHAIN

Leverage this opportunity.
- Introduction to Cryptocurrencies
- Blockchain overview
       - Applications and business relevance of blockchain 
        - Blockchain platforms
- Smart Contract
-  Proof of work and consensus mechanisms
- Developing DApps in Ethereum network (Hands-on sessions)
       - Tools for building applications
       - Familiarizing wallets
       - Creating Smart Contracts in Solidity
       - Deploying Smart Contracts in Ethereum
- InterPlanetary File System (IPFS)

System Requirements
-Stable ubuntu disrtribution (preferably 16.04/18.04)
- Minimum 4 GB RAM
- Latest version of a browser (Firefox/Google Chrome)
Everything you need to know about block chain  is here!!!
Feel free to join us on 10th of November, from 9 am to 5 pm
Grab your seats
Registration fee :700/-
For more details, contact:
Shibin Sidharth9048585678
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