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TECH FEST @ LBS Institute of Technology for Women Poojappura


Caryatid is the annual technical festival conducted by the civil engineering department of LBS Institute of Technology for Women, Thiruvananthapuram in association with the Indian Concrete Institute (ICI) and Indian Geotechnical Society (IGS). As the name caryatid elucidates, “a stone carving of a draped female figure, used as a pillar to support the entablature of a Greek building”, we intend to support the dexterity of budding Civil Engineers.

We are ready to explore the technical skills of practical engineers and civil engineering students from various institutions.
Now, are you ready?
Be there on November 10 and 11 at LBSITW.
Exciting prizes are awaiting. Come, learn and earn.



Showcase your craftsmanship, engineering skills and creativity by making a simple but strong roof truss by aluminium strips and screw at the best. Exclusively for Civil and Mechanical Engineering students.
Prize Money           : The winners will get a cash prize worth 4000 INR
Registration Fees : Rs 100/ team
Date                           : Nov 10
  •  Maximum 2 students are allowed in a team.
  •  Prelims will be conducted.
  •  Main round is to construct a roof truss.
  •  Tools will be provided.
  • Decision made by judges will be final.

Sreelekshmi J – 9446129538 Salma S – 9497077166 Anzeena S– 9061220902 



Build the best building model with the available materials within provided area.
Team event: 3 per team.
Prize money            : The winners will get a cash prize worth 4000 INR
Registration fee : 150/ team
Date                         : Nov 10, 2018

  •  Only team entries will be allowed.
  •  Prelims will be conducted.
  •  Model must be a single or multi storied residential building.
  •  Scale of model is 1:25.
  •  A team shall consist of not more than 3 members.
  •  You may not use more than the given materials.  


Sajna R.J :7510997664     Ajmi. S :8547078338



A challenging competition platform to meet the designers, innovators and creators of tomorrow and to ascertain the best student designer. The competition assesses your surveying and designing skills.
Prize Money             : A total of 5k will be awarded to the CAD MASTER WINNERS 
Registration fee : Rs 150 per team.
  Date                        : November 10

  1. Each team can have a maximum of 3 members. One candidate must strictly be a student of civil engineering.
  2. Time limit must be adhered to 3 hours.
  3.  Requirements should be definitely satisfied and plan should be within the surveyed area.
  4. Cheating in any level of the competition will lead to immediate disqualification.
  5. Final decisions will be taken by the judges
Athira Raj - 9497702301
Aiswariya.K.A - 8547149462

“Don’t Hate, Just Debate”


Use your technical knowledge to raise the pros and cons on civil engineering topics. The best debater will be awarded.

Prize Money          : The winners will get a cash prize worth 3000 INR.
Registration fee : Rs 50 per head
Date                        : November 11
  •  Debate should be held in English.
  •  At a time a person will speak for the motion, followed by one against the motion.
  •  No interruption by other members while one is speaking.
  •  No interaction between participants and audience.
  •  Use of any paper or guided reference may lead to disqualification
  • The best debater will be selected by the judges and the decision will be final.

Keerthana K: 9497581758
Anna Mary Johnson: 9496509404
 Samiya Salah: 7907113505


“The Geowall Building Challenge”
Use your practical skill to build a model of retaining wall
Prize Money          : The winners will get a cash prize worth 5000 INR
Registration fee : Rs 150 per team
Date                        : November 10

  • Each team should comprise of 3 members only
  • A written prelim will be conducted from which the best teams will be chosen
  • Fixed number of bricks and required dimensions will be provided
  • Within the allotted time the retaining wall has to be constructed and filled with soil
  • The judgement will be based considering the load carrying capacity of the structure
  • The decision of the judges will be final.

ParvathyJayamohan: 9496333182 Salma Salim: 7907442274        Rudra Suresh: 7907558140



A technical quiz inclusive of basic concepts of civil engineering, which will helps you to be aware of your knowledge and makes you to improve it.
Team event               : Consisting of 2 members per team.
Prize money              : A total of 3000 INR will be awarded for the winners.
Registration fee        : Rs 50 per team.
Date                           : November 11, 2018
  •  Only team entries will be allowed.
  •  A team should consist of 2 participants and neither more nor less than 2.
  •  The quiz will have a total of 3 rounds.
  •  Questions will be of multiple choice types.
  • 6 teams will be selected or the second round and from those, 3 teams will be going for the finals.
  • The decision of the quiz master will be final and no change will be encouraged.
  • Mobile phones and other electronic gadgets shall not be permitted during the quiz.
  • 10 marks will be awarded for the right answer and 5 marks will be deducted for the wrong answer.
  • 5 marks will be awarded for passed questions.


Vani Mohan V : 9447387282       Varsha A: 9447417196    GopikaChandran :9495383956 

"Let your mind write the paper, not your hand."
Paper presentation

Prize money          : 3000 INR
Registration fee : ₹ 50 per head.
Date                        : November 10
  •  Individual participation.
  •  Presentation should focus on latest innovation of civil engineering field.
  •  Abstract should be confined to 1 page.
  •  Presentation should be limited to 10 min followed by question and answer section.
  •  Mail the abstract to caryatidtechslide18@gmail.com
  •  Present a hardcopy of abstract of the submitted paper on the day of event
  • Mail should contain theme of paper, name of participant, phone number, and mail ID. 
  • Bring your college ID on the day of event

Gopika Vijayan-7560869095.           Aswini S Ajay – 9645948008             Hema - 8547165829 


“Unlocking Minds”

Storm your brain and race against time; decipher each hidden clue and be the first to unearth the treasure. Each team can consist of maximum 3 members.
Prize Money         : The treasure hunt winners will get a cash prize worth 5000 INR.
Registration fee : Rs 50 per head.
Date                        : November 11
  • Each team can comprise max of 3 participants.
  • The clues are to be found in a particular order. Manipulation of the order of clues will lead to disqualification.
  • No team member should possess any kind of electronic gadgets or internet unless instructed to do so.
  • If you happen to find out other team’s clue by any chance never tamper it. A violation of this rule could cause disqualification of your team.  Do not search for clues in off-limit areas.
  • During the event, team members cannot split up to find different clues. The entire team must stay together during the competition.
  • Prelims maybe conducted based on the number of teams.
  • Organizers serve the right to disqualify teams on the grounds of misbehavior and use of unfair means.

Pournami A.S – 7356128728          S.Haripriya– 9567386329       ManjimaJayan– 8113805010 



You are just one decision away from being the best decision maker!!
Prize money           : 3000 INR
Registration fee : Rs 50/head
Date                        : November 11, 2018
  A team of two
  No electronic devices
  No discussion among groups
  Decision of judges will be final

Anju Viswan: 7356925244        Salma F: 9497067369      Shefin Sulthana: 8289878606 

” Stronger the bond, stronger you are”


Test your skills on brick bond making. Each team must consist of max of 3 members.


             Prize money          : 5000 INR
Registration Fee : Rs.50/- per person in a team
             Date                       : Nov 11


  • Each team can consist of either 2 or 3members.
  • There will be two rounds – prelims and final round.
  • For Final round only 4 teams will be selected.
  • Materials for making bond will be provided by team coordinators.
  • Type of bond to be made will be announced at that moment.
  • Time limit will be given to make the bond.
  • Cheating in any level of the competitions will be lead to immediate disqualifications.
  • Decisions of the judge will be final.
  • The entire team must stay together throughout the competition.


 Devi .M -9633436760
Aswathi.P- 8547984969


The one day workshop conducted in collaboration with UltraTech is aimed at imparting adequate knowledge about concrete mix design. Mr. Praveen J, Technical Manager, UltraTech is the resource person. Mix design procedures as per IS will be dealt with in the session. Workshop course notes explaining in detail the various steps and codal provisions to be followed in concrete mix design will be distributed. Students will be divided into batches undergoing hands on experience in mix designing followed by casting of cubes in the afternoon session.
Students of final and pre-final year can only register.
Date                        : November 11
Registration fee : Rs 300 per head
Food will be provided
Navya Maria Oommen: 9496482270
Sreelekshmy: 8281928469 Khadeeja: 8089958637 


Caryatid’18 presents a certified PLAXIS 2D one day workshop in association with Indian Geotechnical Society and Indian Concrete Institute. PLAXIS 2D is a powerful and user friendly finite element package intended for two-dimensional analysis of deformation and stability in geotechnical engineering and rock mechanics. PLAXIS is used worldwide by top engineering companies and geotechnical engineering industries. The key benefits include fast and efficient finite element model creation, realistic assessment of stresses and displacements and powerful and versatile post processing.  
Participants should carry their laptops.
First and second year students cannot register

Date                        : Nov 10
Registration fee : 500 per head
Food will be provided
Neethu S Santhosh - 9961893459
Parvathy P V - 7034758452 



2 Day workshop conducted by BUILD-U, the avenue for enriching your Engineering caliber. The session will help the aspirants from Civil Engineering, to bridge your technical knowledge with the real world through practical training sessions. The aim is to raise your skills and confidence by facilitating hands-on training through the specially prepared curriculum for Civil Engineering students.


Valid BUILD-U certificate along with participation certificate will be provided. Students of all years in civil engineering can register.

Date                          : November 10 and 11
Registration fee       : Rs 1000/- per head
Time                         : Nov 10 : 10:45 am - 4:00 pm

Nov 11 : 9 am - 4:30 pm

Accommodation will be provided upon request. (With accommodation Rs 1150/- per head) Food will be provided. Limited seats…hurry up.


Dyna: 9497348119
Padma: 9497651600
Kripa: 9497349770
Reeha: 9495460955

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