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Engine Overhauling Workshop @ College of Engineering Trivandrum

_"If you judge a book by its cover, you might miss out on an amazing story. "_
Would you be thrilled if those books were replaced with the roaring engines ; the rhythmic beats by the pistons ; and what more? If you crave to get yourself into the world of these hurricanes, then YES!! You are at the right place.
Wanna dig deep down the engines?
Wanna discover a new dimension for your existence?
Yes...! We knew you could'nt resist the offer. Come join us at *College of Engineering, Trivandrum* for the *Engine Overhauling Workshop* on the *17th and 18th of November* at our prestigious tech carnival, *DRISHTI* .

Topics covered:
*Assembly and Re-assembly of engines*
*Lectures and design of  automobile 
*(*Ignition, Braking, Handling,Suspension Chassis, Steering and Exhaust systems*) 
*Live demonstration of engine mechanisms. 
*Advanced topics on Turbo , Nitro, Engine control unit, Sensors, and Actuators. 

Workshop highlights : 
*All  certificates have a unique ID which can be verified online for authentication.
*certificate of completion for all participants 
* Certificate of completion with Distinction ( *for top performers* ) 
* Drishti certificates 
*  exclusive  access to online study materials and  test series !

Reg Fee: 1200/- per person
Contact: Habeeb-9645896673  Awadhesh- 9496564248.

Don't miss this chance
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