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ME409 Compressible Fluid Flow KTU Notes | KTU CFF Notes | KTU Students Note| Textbook | Syllabus | Question Papers

ME409 Compressible Fluid Flow KTU Notes | KTU CFF Notes | KTU Students Note| Textbook | Syllabus | Question Papers

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Introduction to Compressible Flow- Concept of continuum-system
and control volume approach- conservation of mass, momentum andenergy- stagnation state- compressibility-Entropy relations.
Wave propagation- Acoustic velocity-Mach number-effect of Mach
number on compressibility- Pressure coefficient-physical difference
between incompressible, subsonic, sonic and supersonic flows- Machcone-Sonic boom-Reference velocities- Impulse function-adiabaticenergy equation-representation of various flow regimes on steadyflow adiabatic ellipse.

One dimensional steady isentropic flow- Adiabatic and isentropic
flow of a perfect gas- basic equations- Area-Velocity relation using
1D approximation-nozzle and diffuser-mass flow rate-chocking in
isentropic flow-flow coefficients and efficiency of nozzle and
diffuser- working tables-charts and tables for isentropic flow-
operation of nozzle under varying pressure ratios –over expansion and under expansion in nozzles.

Irreversible discontinuity in supersonic flow- one dimensional shock wave- stationary normal shock- governing equations- Prandtl- Meyer relations- Shock strength- Rankine- Hugoniot Relation- Normal Shock on T-S diagram- working formula- curves and tables-Oblique shock waves - supersonic flow over compression and expansion corners (basic idea only).

Flow in a constant area duct with friction (Fanno Flow) –
Governing Equations- Fanno line on h-s and P-v diagram- Fanno
relation for a perfect gas- Chocking due to friction- working tables
for Fanno flow- Isothermal flow(elementary treatment only)

Flow through constant area duct with heat transfer (Rayleigh Flow)-Governing equations- Rayleigh line on h-s and P-v diagram-
Rayleigh relation for perfect gas- maximum possible heat addition-
location of maximum enthalpy point- thermal chocking- working
tables for Rayleigh flow.

Compressible flow field visualization and measurement-
Shadowgraph-Schlieren technique- interferometer- subsonic
compressible flow field -measurement (Pressure, Velocity and
Temperature) – compressibility - correction factor- hot wire
anemometer- supersonic flow measurement- Shock tube-Rayleigh
Pitot tube- wedge probe- stagnation temperature probe- temperature
recovery factor –Kiel probe - Wind tunnels – closed and open type-

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