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KTU B.Tech S7 Lecture Notes Digital Signal Processing

KTU B.Tech S7 Lecture Notes Digital Signal Processing


Module I
Introduction to signals and systems - Discrete Fourier transform:
Frequency domain sampling, Discrete Fourier transform (DFT): DFT pair, properties of DFT, frequency response analysis of signals using the DFT, circular convolution using DFT , linear filtering based on DFT Fast Fourier transform (FFT); Introduction, Radix -2 decimation in time FFT algorithm, Radix-2 decimation in frequency algorithm.

Module II
Introduction to FIR and IIR systems : Structures for realization of
discrete time systems – structures for FIR and IIR systems – signal
flow graphs, direct-form, cascade-form, parallel form, lattice and
transposed structures and linear Phase FIR filters.

Module III 
Design of digital filters – general considerations – causality and its 
implications, characteristics of practical frequency selective filters
IIR filter design : Discrete time IIR filter (Butterworth and
Chebyshev) from analog filter – IIR filter (LPF,
HPF, BPF, BRF) design by Impulse Invariance, Bilinear transfor
mation, Approximation of derivatives. filter design

Module IV
FIR filter design : Structures of FIR filter- Linear phase FIR filter –
Filter design using windowing techniques, frequency sampling

Module V
Finite word length effects in digital Filters : Fixed point and
floating point number representations - Comparison - Truncation and Rounding errors - Quantization noise - derivation for quantization noise power - coefficient quantization error - Product quantization error - Overflow error – Round-off noise power - limit cycle oscillations due to product round-off and overflow errors - signal scaling Introduction to FDA Toolbox in MATLAB: Design of filters using FDA toolbox (Demo/Assignment only)

Module VI
Introduction to TMS320 Family: Architecture, Implementation,
C24x CPU Internal Bus Structure, Memory Central Processing unit  Memory and I/O Spaces , Overview of Memory and I/O Spaces,Program control Address Modes System Configuration and Interrupts clocks and low Power Modes Digital input / output (I/O), Assembly language Instruction , Instruction Set summary , Instruction Description, Accumulator, arithmetic and logic Instruction ,Auxiliary Register and data page Pointer Instructions , TREG, PREG, and Multiply Instruction ,Branch Instructions , Control Instructions I/O and Memory Instruction
Design & Implementation and Filter Structures: MATLAB
functions and TMS320 Implementation (Demo/Assignment only)
Introduction to Code Composer Studio (Demo only)
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