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BEST TECHIE, Xplore19 @ Government College of Engineering KANNUR

"We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us." 

-Winston Churchill. 


 As we all know that Civil 
engineers are central figures in community development, Without their unique talents, communities 
would not grow and prosper. 

As a part of *Xplore'19* the CE association offer you a platform to test your inner engineering skills and to transform you to a  professional civil engineer. Here, your brain will be sent 
through a series of rounds where knowledge and skills are put through its paces.

Grab the opportunity to express your knowledge and talent to prove yourself as a best civil engineer through this wonderful competition *'BEST TECHIE'*

*Event date* :23 Feb saturday (10 am -12 pm)

*Prize money*
*First.    :3000*
*Third.   :1000*

Registration fee *Rs.100 per head*

So you think you are a  best civil engineering student ! Then come forward | Express your talent !!!

*Event Rules* :
•  Basic civil engineering knowledge will be evaluated. 
•  Individual participation. 
•  The speed of task completion will be evaluated. 
• Participants should not use mobile phones. 
• Any malpractice will lead to disqualification. 
•Prelims will be conducted if required.

Register using the link

For more updates on Xplore'19 follow us on our facebook page at

For more details *Contact*:  
*Aiswarya M V* (9496175754)
*Gopika K*(9496679188)

*#dabble in the extraordinary*
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