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CS403 Programming Paradigms KTU S7 Notes Computer Science Audio Notes Explained by Ms.Sreelekshmi

CS403 Programming Paradigms KTU  S7 Notes Computer Science Audio Notes Explained by Ms.Sreelekshmi | KTU PP Notes | KTU Online
Programming Paradigms S7 Computer Science Audio Notes, Important Topics, Explained by Ms.Sreelekshmi from Indira Gandhi Institute of Engineering & Technology, Kothamangalam.

Functional and Logic Languages:- Lambda Calculus, Overview of
Scheme, Strictness and Lazy Evaluation, Streams and Monads,
Higher-Order Functions, Logic Programming in Prolog Limitations of Logic Programming.

Concurrency:- Threads, Synchronization. Run-time program Management:- Virtual Machines, Late Binding of Machine Code, Reflection, Symbolic Debugging, Performance Analysis.

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