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GOLIATH, Xplore'19 @ Government College of Engineering KANNUR

_A great building needs a solid foundation
A great builder needs a solid education_ 


Ever wondered how constructions are carried out at the heights of a skyscraper ? Or even at the upper floor of a 2 storey house ? Although it may look rudimentary, the science of scaffolding construction is a complicated one. Team up with three of your friends and take a shot at constructing a working scaffolding with the given materials and time frame in *GOLIATH* ....... grasp your prize.

_Are scaffold tags a legal requirement?_

Here is the perfect platform to showcase your team spirit and pound out- *GOLIATH* brought to you by *Xplore'19* in association with CE Association GCEK.

*Event date* :22 Feb friday 2019 (1:30 – 4:00 pm )
*Venue*        :out door

*Prize money*
First      : *4000*
Second : *2000*
Third     : *1000*

!!Registration fee *Rs.100 per head.* 

So you think you are a stable scaffold builder ! Then come with your team | Face the challenge !!

Register using the link

*Event Rules:*

 A team of  4 members can participate
 The speed and stability of construction will be evaluated. 
 No extra materials other than those provided should be used. 
 Any malpractice will lead to disqualification. 
 If necessary prelims will be conducted

For more updates on Xplore'19 follow us on our facebook page at

For more details *contact*: 
Rahina    : 7909199381 
Shahana : 7511101317

*#xplore19*  *#dabble_in_the_extraordinary*
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