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INNOVANCE 3.0 @ Government Engineering College,Thrissur

Blockchain is more than Cryptocurrency, it is a technological foundation to a new way of conducting transactions, securing networks, and recording data.
Want to know more about this amazing technology, that is revolutionising the world and creating a new perspective on how humans interact to society's challenges..? 

Learn more about *BLOCK CHAIN*, and become an expert on its evolution and applications, at *INNOVANCE 3.0*, to be held from *8-10th February 2019* at *Government Engineering College,Thrissur*.

Check out our Instagram page at: https://instagram.com/innovance3.0

_"Innovate the imagination, unravel the mysteries, and get ready to open the door of self discovery  and empowerment."_

_Is it time to improve your marketing  efforts?!_

 We're so happy to empower you with marketing strategies and tactics available to build your business presence or career.

Wait what!! It's not marketing, it's

It looks simple, making your ideas or products available on every table, digitally. But the work behind every computer screen is what we talk about.

Come join us at *INNOVANCE 3.0* on *8th,9th* and *10th February 2019* at *Government Engineering College Thrissur* and we have in store for you, another super cool workshop on " *DIGITAL MARKETING* " by experts from the industry who have tasted the intoxicating success of digital power. 

So be there, as our session would hit you real, rather in digital!!..

 _The world is getting confined to our fingertips by the annexation of the internet over every nook and corner, which is popularly known as the Internet Of Things(IoT), but such kind of massive extension can only work if it's energy neutral. How can we overcome this obstacle?_ 

Here comes *Li-Fi* or *Light Fidelity* to our aid. Li-Fi uses off-the-shelf LEDs to transmit data incredibly fast, and also in a safe and secure manner. Data is transferred by the light, encoded in elusive changes of the brightness. Just look around us, don't we have such a rich infrastructure of Li-Fi transmitters around us? So it is indeed a need of the time.

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