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Robothon5.0 @ College of Engineering Chengannur

Is it a plane? Is it a bird? Is it Superman?  No,
It's a robot drone!
The IEEE Robotics and Automation Society Student Branch Chapter College of Engineering Chengannur is hyped up and prepared to launch the fifth edition of their most visionary event, the Robothon! Set aside your plans for the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of February 2019 and rush towards our warm welcome.

For every robotics and automation enthusiast out there, Robothon 5.0 sets up a majestic dais for you to share your intellect and savour your craved interests. From start to finish, every volunteer is to follow a single objective - to dedicate themselves to building a robot from scratch, satisfying the criteria given by the judges. The highly creative robotic hackathon, will prove to be an instrumental platform to test your capabilities as well as to strengthen your skills. Constant refreshments will be provided, to keep you energized and focused. The ultimate showdown lies in your hands, as you prepare to present your work, inspire the audience and leave an impact.

Prizes and glory await the champion, so register your name before the seats are filled and the show runs housefull!

Registration rates:
• IEEE RAS member: ₹650
• IEEE member: ₹750
• Non-IEEE member: ₹950

Seize the moment, express yourself and impress your fellow folks!
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