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Xplore19 @ Government College of Engineering KANNUR

Code Relay
_"Programs must be written for people to read, and only incidentally for machine to execute."- Abelson/Sussman_


Solving a problem individually is little bit difficult, But when it comes to team work, it's always an opportunity. Just pass your code...complete in time...grasp your prize. 

_Do you have a team who can be spontaneous ??_

Then here is the perfect platform to showcase your team spirit and coding skill- *CODE RELAY* brought to you by *Xplore'19* in association with CSE Association GCEK.

Event date : 24 February, 2019
Venue         : Network Programming Lab, CSE Department.

*Prize Money*
*First       : Rs.6000 /-*
*Second : Rs.3000 /-*
*Third     : Rs.1000 /-*

!! Registration fee *Rs.300 per team*.

So you think you know coding ! Then come with your team | Face the challenge !!

Register using the link

*Event Rules*
• A team should consist of exactly 3 members.
• Each team member will get one third of the time and the same code will be passed to the next contestant.
• Team members are not allowed to communicate during the competition.

For more updates on Xplore'19 follow us on our facebook page at

For more details contact :
Vishnu : 8606379913
Sandra : 8848498347


*Player Unknown's Battle Ground Mobile*

```"One thing of supreme importance in war, is to attack the enemy's strategy"```
For all PUBG lovers out there *Xplore* presents PUBG contest.
"Plan your move,unleash your fighting spirit and battle it out to be the last man standing.There is much more than a chicken dinner on the line.

*Event Date:* 24 February,2019

*Prize Money Squad* 
*First*      : *2500* /-
*Second* : *1500* /-

*FEE: 100* /-
Register using the link* :

 *Requirements* :
- A PUBG Mobile installed smartphone with internet connection 
Headphones/Earphones for better gaming experience 

*Event Rules*
-Emulators are NOT allowed
-Any kind of external buttons/triggers are NOT allowed
- Co-ordinators have the provision to take decision in any kind of situations.

For more updates on *Xplore’19* 
follow us on our Facebook page at

For more details
 *Contact* :
Roshith K K 9947030623
Gopal K M  8547199843 


Blind coding:-
_"There are two ways to write error-free programs; only the third one works."- Alan J. Perlis_

Ever thought of coding with monitor OFF??
Are you ready to try your hands on coding when the monitor goes blank?
        Then put your alertness and coding skill together to build a code which runs to accurate output.

*Xplore'19* in association with CSE Association, GCEK presents *BLIND CODING*  with a total prize money of *₹6000*/-

_Battle against a blind computer and grasp your prize_

*Event Date* :22 February, 2019
*Venue*         :Programming Paradigms Lab, CSE department.

*Prize* *Money
*First*      : *3000* /-
*Second* : *2000* /-
*Third*     : *1000* /-

*Event rules* 
• This is an Individual Event.
• Registration fee Rs. 100 per head
• Contestants can code either in C or Python.
• There will be total of two rounds.
• Participants whose code gets executed will be given higher preference.
• Second preference is given to the code with least number of errors.
• Decision of program committee is final.

Register using the link

For more updates on Xplore'19 follow us on our facebook page at

For more details contact: 
Ashwin K : 7025919680
Amal V B :  8304846191


_"First, solve the problem. Then, write the code.”- John Johnson_

Think you know everything about programming? Well there are many ways to go, let’s see which one you pick. This event looks for the coders who uses creativity and logic to *DECODE* from patterns to give life to your code.

*Xplore'19* in association with CSE Association GCEK presents *Backtrack coding* with a total prize money of  *₹6000*.

*Event Date* : 22 February, 2019
*Venue*         : Network Programming Lab, CSE Department.

• This is an individual event.
• You will be required to guess the problem with help of given input and output set and write program to solve the problems.
• Your programs can be written in C or python.
• The winner will be declared on the basis of number of questions solved.
• Registration fee Rs. 100 per head.

Register using the link
For more updates on Xplore'19 follow us on our facebook page at

For more details contact :
Manish : 8281577130.
Amaya : 9447655208


Web and hybrid Mobile development:-

*Got a great idea for a mobile app??*

The thought of building your own app can be daunting, but it's quite simple with the right instructions!

*Xplore'19* presents the *"Web and Hybrid Mobile Development Workshop"* , the right place where you can get the right guidance to build an application.

*Hybrid mobile apps* are the ones which are built with a combination of web technologies like HTML, CSS, and Javascript and are hosted inside a native application that utilizes a mobile platform’s WebView.
Become a pro in this field and produce an app for both platforms with minimal fuss! 

 *Learn this most sought-after digital skill at Xplore' 19  and get ready to go pro!!!!*

Lets meet on *February 2nd and 3rd*.

Contact :  
Vishal (9895626750)
Varna (9207236836)


Cyber Security and ethical hacking:-

*Does cyber security concern you? You may think not, but think twice! How secure is your data?*

*Cyber Security and Ethickal Hacking*
by _CSE department, GCE Kannur_

# Powered by : *Appin Technology Lab(ATL)

# Facilitator : *Mr. Subash Babu*
* *Director*, _Appin Technology Lab_
* *Former Head-Cyber Security* at _CATS_
* *Former Deputy Commander* of _Kerala      Police Cyberdome_
* *Former Head at Cyber Security* at _Centre for Advanced Security_
* *Associate Member* of _National Cyber Safety and Security Standards_

# Benefits
*  *APPIN Certificate (IADL, USDLA, IIT Based) of international validity*
*  *Xplore'19 GCEK* certificate 

Venue : *GCE Kannur
Date :  *February 24th*.

 Registration link : 

Contact : 

Airin (9567452862)
Vishal (9895626750)

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