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Xplore19 @ Government College of Engineering KANNUR

Leading automobile companies like BMW, McLaren automotive ,Porsche,Chrysler,Honda,Audi, Jaguar landrover etc  use CATIA Software to design._ 

The above line itself have intrigued your mind! Wait no more!

 Pack your enthusiastic mind for a oneday  Workshop on CATIA software as part of *Xplore19* on *17 feb 2019* organised by *Mechanical association* of *GCE Kannur*

▶Bring laptop

▶Register here- 

▶Registration fee :500

Muhammed Irshad         ( 9847493205)
Jithin (9400404876)

*#dabble_in_the_ extraordinary*

"Casting the world, Forging the campus, Shaping the universe, Welding the rest of all braches, Because, We are the Men, We are the machine, and we are Mechanical Engineers".

Are you a mech maniac.. !!
*"XPLORE 19"* provides an opportunity to prove your skill in design, manufacturing and theory in mechanical engineering. Fasten your hands and Sharpen your brains. Come and be the part of *Mr.MECH* competition.

*Event date*: 23 February 2019

*Prize money*
First.      :5000/-
Second  :3000/-
Third.     :2000/-

*Registration Fee - Rs 200*

Register using link:

For more updates on Xplore’19
follow us on our Facebook page at

For more details

*Contact*: SALMAN - 9446931485
                SREENATH - 8086123246

"If you are curious, you'll find the puzzles around you. If you are determined, you will solve them."
                 __ Erno Rubik

Rubik's Cube is for fastest fingers....
The one who solve the rubik's cube in minimum time will win.Get ready for the challenge!!!
Be there @ *Xplore19*

*Event Date* :23 February,2019

*Prize* *money* 
*First*      : *3000* /-
*Second* : *2000* /-
*Third*     : *1000* /-

▶ *Registration Fee -Rs 100* 

▶ *Register using the link* :https://xplore19.in/events/general/rubiks-cube

For more updates on *Xplore’19* 
follow us on our Facebook page at

For more details
▶ *Contact* :
Akshay Rajeev (9495261646)
Adil (7736106196)

“Doing better is creativity, _doing_ _faster_ _is_ _creativity_
 _doing_ _smarter_ _is_ _creativity_ , _doing_ _right_ _is_ _creativity_ .”
                  -Amit Kalantri 

 *Xplore’19* presents an opportunity to prove yourself move your hands 
vigorously than clock!! Fastest hands with safest work will be awarded.
If you believe in your fastest hands, we are providing a chance to prove ! 
Come and be the part of “ *PITSTOP* ” the tyre interchanging competition.

Beat the best with your strong muscles.
Pack the event and return with amazing cash prize in your pocket.

*Event Date* :23 February,2019

 *Venue*    :College ground/near store

*Prize* *money* 
*First*      : *5000* /-
*Second* : *3000* /-
*Third*     : *2000* /-

 *Event rules* :
- Competition will be played on a knock out basis a team contains maximum of *4 members* will be played at a time. 
- Reg fees *Rs. 200* per team
- Every wheel nut should be fastened tightly as possible. 
- Time and perfection in work will be the judging criteria. 
- Co-ordinators have the provision to take decision in any kind of situations.

 *FEE-Rs 200* 

 *Register using the link* :

For more updates on *Xplore’19* 
follow us on our Facebook page at

For more details
 *Contact* :
Anand Shaji -8289820814 
Vishnuraj  - 8848215614
Naveen -  8547580357

Ever thought of conducting a _Treasure hunt_ completely inside a room? Here is how we realised it: *_Digitalization_*. 
Yes Xplore19 offers you a digital treasure hunt experience. You have more than 1000 ways to reach the destination, *The Final Destination*.
Come with a device with HTML5 compatible browser to head towards The Final Destination.

Event Date : 22 February, 2019

Prize money 
First      : 3000 /-
Second : 2000 /-
Third     : 1000 /-

▶ REGISTRATION FEES: Rs 100 for a team maximum of 4 members.

      Amaljith K (9562152084)
      Akshay I (9497030048) 


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