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B.Tech S8 (S) Exam Oct 2019 - Notification

B.Tech S8 (S) Exam Oct 2019 - Notification

It is notified to the attention of all concerned that KTU will conduct B.Tech S8 supplementary examination in October 2019. There will be no other supplementary exam for B.Tech 8th semester courses during December 2019. Detailed Notification is attached herewith.

Circular of S8 Supply October 2019:

University is in receipt of hundreds of requests and mails related with the early conduct of supplementary examinations for the 2019 passed out batch. It has been decided to conduct B.Tech 8th semester supplementary examination in October 2019 which was originally scheduled to conduct in December 2019. This will enable students to qualify B.Tech degree in 2019 itself. 

University examined the possibilities for the early conduct of other supplementary examinations for 2019 batch. To facilitate an action in this direction, a time-bound schedule for expediting the valuation/revaluation of the pending answer scripts (of examinations already conducted) has been prepared and published in the KTU portal. Though there were many constraints like the occurrence of floods, the results of S4 and S2 were published almost on time. With the whole hearted support of all concerned, efforts are on to publish the results of all pending papers as scheduled. A close observation of our valuation schedule and the time slots for the conduct of impending ODD semester regular examinations, clearly suggests that the whole process will get adversely affected if we go for EVEN semester examinations in between. 

Considering the priorities of examinations to be conducted as per the published academic calendar and valuations to be completed as scheduled, University is Unable to conduct EVEN semester examinations in December 2019. However, S1,S3,S5 and S7 examinations in December 2019 will be conducted in Regular & Supplementary mode.

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