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Explanation to Complaints on the low Pass percentage in S3 BTech results

Complaints on the low Pass percentage in S3 BTech results

University is in receipt of many complaints related with the publication of the results of third Semester BTech Degree Examinations. Though University published the results of fifth semester (S5) BTech few days back, through the same system of valuation and protocols, hardly we received any complaints. Many Institutions complained about their ‘unexpected’ low pass percentages in S3. In this situation, we are forced to release the Institution-wise pass percentages of both these semesters (S3 & S5) as Annexure 1& 2. A detailed subject-wise pass percentages for both these semesters are also published as Annexure 3 & 4. University process all examination related works through a digital platform (APURVATOUCH) and publish results only after rigorous verifications. Students are expected to understand the following levels of preparations that this University undertake for each semester examinations: 

• Questions for each examination are set by only the mapped faculty of the University pertaining to the subject. Question papers were selected only after a thorough scrutiny by a team of expert faculty members ensuring quality assurance and compliance with curricula and academic regulations. 2

• Detailed schemes of valuation are finalised after review by a team of mapped faculty members. After approval from the chairman, the same will be sent to all faculty members entrusted with the valuation of a particular subject, well in advance. 

• Valuations are carried out by additional examiners under the strict supervision of chief examiners in CV camps so as to ensure fair valuation. University at present runs a valuation system of 40 CV camps distributed all across the State. 

• Once valuations are over, moderation marks were awarded by the pass boards for each semester/stream/subjects. Complaints, if any, related with question papers/scheme of valuation etc. are examined by the respective pass boards and accordingly recommendations were made for moderation, if necessary. Normally, University will not interfere in this moderation process as it is the sole responsibility of the respective pass boards to recommend moderation, if found essential. However, no pass board meetings in S3 pointed out/reported any issues with these results upon their initial subject-wise reviews. 

• University employs the same set of faculty members from all of our affiliated institutions to value the answer scripts in all semesters, through a dedicated and strictly confidential system as per defined protocols. However, variations in results or pass percentages may be observed semester-wise, branch-wise, and/or subjectwise due to various reasons. We are unable to fix the pass percentage of a semester /college / branch/subject/student

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