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Coursera Free Courses During Lockdown Get Free Online Courses with Certification from Coursera

Coursera Free Courses During Lockdown : Coursera is a popular MOOC platform that has recently offered 3800 courses for the people unemployed due to coronavirus pendamic. This move has been taken to ensure that the people who have lost their job can re-skill themselves and have access to opportunities post quarantine period. Top universities have tied up with Coursera for this initiative to encourage digital learning among the learners. The enrolment for the 3800 courses is open till 30th September 2020. Grab this opportunity now!
How To Get Free Certification from Coursera

  1. Instructions for redeeming a free course from a promotion:
  2. First, click the below link to visit a promotion page.
  3. From the promotion page, click to visit a specific course and wait for the page to fully load. Once loaded, you will see a promotion banner at the top of the page. If you don’t see the banner, please refresh the page.
  4. Next, click the ‘Enroll for free’ button.
  5. Select “Purchase Course”. With the promotion applied, there will be a message in parentheses that says “Your promotion will automatically be applied at checkout.”
  6. At checkout, your purchase total will read ‘$0’.
  7. Complete check out and start learning!

Follow any of the below mentioned link as per your choice:

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