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Schedule of various academic activities

Schedule of various academic activities
As per reference cited, the meeting of the Special Academic Council held on 21/07/2020, took decisions regarding the schedule of the various academic activities, of the current semester and the following even semester, as following:

  1. Closing of current even semester 17/07/2020
  2. Uploading of internal marks of the current semester 01/08/2020 
  3. College transfer process, to be completed from the college side 03/08/2020 
  4. Approval for College transfer, by the University 05/08/2020
  5. Registration to the following Even semester 10/08/2020 to 14/08/2020 
  6. Commencement of next semester classes 17/08/2020 

It is also informed that the detailed action plan for Phase 1 ( till 30th September), regarding the conduct of theory classes, practical classes, periodic assessment, and 1st series test, will be issued before the commencement of the next semester classes.

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