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Friday, August 14, 2020

Registration to S4 supplementary Exam Sept 2020

Registration to S4 supplementary Exam Sept 2020  

University has opened supplementary registration to B.Tech S4 (S) Exam Sept 2020. It is observed that FE grade students who already did course registration in S4 is provided with a provision in portal to register for S4 supplementary Exam Sept 2020.
It may be noted that such students need not register for this supplementary exam.
It happened because the college has entered internal and attendance enough to get eligibility to apply for an exam. FE grade students already done course registration in S4 will acquire grade as per the rule formulated for computing grade for regular S4 students. They need not register for S4 supplementary exam. This supplementary registration is only for students who attended an S4 examination earlier at least once and failed.
Regular S4 students (2018 admission) also need not register for S4 Spet 2020 supplementary exam even if provision for registration appears in student login.

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