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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

National Level Workshop on Internet of Things

Ever thought of the term IoT? Ever Wished to know about it?

Well, here is an opportunity for you.

Lakshya'18 of _Government Engineering College, Kozhikode_ brings you a Two Day Workshop on IoT by Robokart along with the Innovative Cell IIT BOMBAY

The IoT is the network of physical devices, Vehicles  and other items embedded with electronics, software and sensors , actuators and network connectives which enables these objects to collect and enhance data. The workshop is based on the concept of internet of things. This workshop teaches about wifi module as well as cloud-based controlling of devices.

So let's go together and control everything on our fingertips.


1. National level certificate will be provided to all the participants.
2. A merit certificate is provided to the best group.
3. A take away kit will be provided to a team of 5 members.

👉Venue: Government Engineering College Kozhikode
👉Date: 16th - 17th March 2018
👉Registration Fee: 1000/Head
👉Registraion: www.lakshya18.org

A laptop is compulsory for a group

_What will you learn after attending this Workshop:_

● Details on microcontroller
● Programming the microcontroller using ARDUINO interface
● Interfacing and controlling various devices like LED, motors, sensors etc with microcontroller.
● Wifi module programming with arduino
● Making of Various types of robots their algorithms and coding
●Application of micro controllers in industry, military, medical, home appliances,home automation etc.
● Interfacing of sensors and uploading data on cloud


Amar Bahadur B C - 7736589975
Navya P C - 9496428061
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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Workshop on making QuadCopters @Government Engineering College Kozhikode

Ever thought of making quadcopters? Ever wished to learn how to make one ?
Well then its time to give wings to your dream.
Lakshya'18 brings you _Quadcopter Workshop_ by Robokart along with Innovative Cell IIT Bombay. A Two day workshop on making QuadCopters.
Guess what. You also get a chance to witness all of it in action and you will get a National Level Certificate and a Merit Certificate for the best team.
Its time to make you dreams a reality. Come on. Lets make some Quadcopters.

👉DATE - 16th-17th March 2018
👉Registration Fee - 1000/head
👉Venue: Government Engineering College Kozhikode
👉For Registration : www.lakshya18.org

_What will you learn after attending this Workshop_:
●Introduction to Controllers (ARDUINO & KK MULTICOPTER
BOARD 2.1.5)and Embedded Systems Design.
●Working Principle of Quadcopter.
●Construction of Quadcopter drone
●Connection consideration of various configurations
●Introduction to Android App controlled Quadcopter
●Stability criteria for flying of drone
●Flying precautions
Kit will be provided.

Amar Bahadur B C - 7736589975
Barnamay Samanta - 7012977134
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